App for Substitute teachers

Concept and implementation.

The app is meant to be used by substitute teachers who sign up for lectures at different schools.  

From left to right, 1) Schedule page where user can see her lecture plan 2) Feed, where the newly available lectures are posted on a live feed for user to pick , 3) lecture info page where user can read and download information that is made available by absent teachers ,and 4) notification settings, where user have control over how and when she prefers to receive information.


With this app, Subit planned to create a smooth experience for substitute teachers to apply for available lectures and get notified by the schools regarding their assigned lectures. This would be a totally new addition to a platform that previously had services available to school teachers and inspectors but no the substitutes.  


As an in-house UX designer, I was in charge of translating the insights into wireframes, and hand it over to a visual designer. However, near the end of wireframing phase, I was task to finish the design and deliver a pixel-perfect design. 


I partnered with a chief executive officer and another founder (former substitute teacher), to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviours and motivations.

With a partially designed web-app from an earlier period, I had to consider the possibilities for retaining the interface for the sake of certain business requirements. 


I defined the product with the product CTO prioritised and discussed features for an MVP version. 


I created an initial flow of how users should be navigating between the different pages of the app. This flow changed a few times throughout the period of designing the app.


Low fidelity


To minimise to clutter for both development team and during the presentation for the stakeholders,  I separated the different flows into different pages within Sketch, addressing the related pages or connected flows using codes together with brief descriptions (among others on what animation effect to be used, what  interactions should/should not be allowed, etc). 

Post being completed…